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From Simple Contact Management to Advanced Order Entry,
SuiteFlow™ is the Software Solution of Choice for Small to Medium Business

Windows and Macintosh Friendly


What is Total Office Management Software? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software?
What is SuiteFlow™?

For many years database information management software has been designed to meet the need of one specific area: Contact Management, Order Entry, Production Management, etc. Countless times it's been said:
• "It sure would be nice to know what we've told this person in the past!"
• "I wish my contact manager could tell me what's going on with this order..."
• "I wish I could see account information while I'm soliciting business with existing clients..."
• "Do we have enough product to fulfill this order?"

We define Total Office Software as "managing everything which impacts the flow of your products to your customers!"

We define TRUE CRM as "managing everything which impacts your relationship with your customer!"

Welcome to SuiteFlow™ Work FlowManagement software; Manage Customers, Manage Work Flow, Manage Inventory!

SuiteFlow™ offers a fresh software approach to:

Customer Relationship Management
Contact Management
Company Management
Campaign Management
Proposal Management
Survey Management
eBusiness / Web Empowerment
Activity Management
Calendar Management
Sales Force Automation
Resource Management
Referral Tracking

However, where all the other systems end... SuiteFlow™ is just beginning! Many of our clients wanted more than great activity management. They needed the ability to link the "back-end" of their business to the "front-end". We listened! SuiteFlow™ gives you complete control over:

Order Entry
Production Management
Inventory Management
Purchase Order Management
Time / Expense Tracking
Statements (Billing)
Project Management
Accounts Receivable

Now the customer service department of your company no longer has to use "sneaker-net" to walk back to the production department and painfully attempt to determine what's "going on" with an order! All order/production information is available directly from a person's screen; as the order is produced it's status is automatically updated!

The best part is you don't have to begin using all aspects of SuiteFlow™ immediately. You may use the portions of SuiteFlow™ which meet your needs today, and begin using other portions as your business grows!

SuiteFlow™ has been designed to meet the needs of small to medium businesses or work groups by accommodating 1 to 250 users! Not only is SuiteFlow™ the only system of it's kind, SuiteFlow™ also accommodates users running Windows or Macintosh on the same network!