Email Marketing

• Email Marketing Campaigns

• Contact Database Management
      Opt In/Opt Out
            Product Interests

• Email Verification

• Personalized Individual Emails

• Campaign Analysis
(Opens, Clicks, Bounces)

A well-thought-out email marketing plan can increase your sales exponentially! SuiteFlow Web Services has 10 years of experience performing email marketing campaigns. We do ALL these steps for you . . . and you’ll like that we’re doing it for you, because you’ll be too busy taking orders!

Here’s What We Do For You . . .

Assemble/Maintain Your Email Contacts (Unlimited Contacts)

Import your email contacts into your SuiteFlow Email Marketing software. Unlike other email marketing systems (Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, etc.) we don’t charge you ridiculous amounts to add contacts to your system. Instead you can have as many thousands of email contacts as you desire. You can log in any time and have complete access to your data.

Use A Custom Domain For Your Email Campaigns

Our experience has taught us it’s better to use a custom domain (that you own … we’ll set it up for you) to perform your email marketing. This protects your primary domain from potential blacklisting.

Detailed Analysis Of Every Email Campaign

We process all of your email marketing campaigns through SendGrid.Com. You can login and see all “opens”, “clicks”, “bounces”, etc. for any date range. All your data in SendGrid can be downloaded in detailed or summarized reports.

We Verify Every Email Address In Your Campaign

You want to maintain a high “reputation” while performing your email campaigns. If you don’t, there’s a strong likelyhood that you will be blocked by SMTP servers (these are the servers world-wide that send/receive email). The more undeliverable emails you send (bounces), the lower your “reputation”. We verify every email address as often as you desire to ensure accuracy; helping you maintain a high reputation. As emails are verified, we maintain all verification updates in your SuiteFlow Email Marketing software.

We Design The Actual Email Being Sent

You let us know what you’re wanting to say, give us the artwork (or we can design it for you), and we’ll design the actual email each of your contacts will receive. We are marketing experts . . . our experience and creativity are part of our basic service.

Send The Emails!

When we perform the email campaign an individual email is sent to all the contacts that you’ve designated for that specific campaign. Sending individual emails stops email servers from automatically interpreting your email as spam.

Develop An "Email Preferences Page" For Your Site

At the bottom of each email sent is a link for “Change Email Preferences” which sends the recipient to a page on your site which allows them to change how often they receive email announcements from you. These changes are automatically logged and updated in your SuiteFlow Email Marketing System.

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