Frequently Asked Questions


What is SuiteFlow™ P2CM?

P2CM is “Product-to-Customer Management”. We define P2CM as “managing EVERYTHING that impacts the flow of your products to your customers”.

SuiteFlow™ is a software system which helps your manage and grow you business. SuiteFlow™ manages: People, Organizations, Groups, Topics, Customer Service, Activity, Calendars, Phases (of work), Production, Documents, Time, Expenses, Products, Proposals, Orders, Invoices, Payments, Ledgers, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Returns, Commissions, Sales Tax, and Accounts Receivable.

You can turn on the SuiteFlow™ modules you desire.

Where is my SuiteFlow™ data stored?

You have two options. WE can serve SuiteFlow™ for you; we call this “Full-Serve”. Or, YOU can serve SuiteFlow™; we call this “Self-Serve”.

If you choose “Full-Serve” your data is stored on our secure servers. This is a nice option for organizations with no IT department.

If you choose “Self-Serve” your data is stored on your own server. Your server can be located in your office or hosted with a co-location company,  such as Amazon Web Services.

Does SuiteFlow™ require an internet connection?

If you have a “Self-Serve” installation, an internet connection is not required for users to login to SuiteFlow™.

If you have a “Full-Serve” installation an internet connection is required.

Can I access SuiteFlow™ remotely?

SuiteFlow™ has been designed to run rapidly over an internet connection.

If you have a Full-Serve installation, then you can access SuiteFlow™ from anywhere.

If you have a Self-Serve installation, your ability to access SuiteFlow™ from anywhere depends upon your network configuration. Self-Serve installations also have the option of logging into SuiteFlow™ from an iPhone or an iPad.

How do users access SuiteFlow™?

The SuiteFlow™ program runs within a database management system known as “FileMaker”. *FileMaker has 3 versions: Server, Client, and Mobile (iOS). FileMaker is distributed with SuiteFlow™.

If you have a single-user copy of SuiteFlow™, then the SuiteFlow™ program and FileMaker Pro (client) resides on your computer.

If you have a multi-user copy of SuiteFlow™, the SuiteFlow™ program and FileMaker Server reside on a host computer and users log in via your network. The host computer serves up SuiteFlow™ by using FileMaker Server software . Users install FileMaker Pro on their computer and the SuiteFlow™ launch file. When the user opens the launch file it looks across the network for the SuiteFlow™ program file. The user enters their name and password to begin their session.

* FileMaker software is available in 15 languages and is used in virtually every private and public market sector worldwide.

FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone has been downloaded more than 2 million times from the App Store.

Can my existing data be imported in SuiteFlow™?

Yes. We can assist you in importing your existing, Contacts, Organizations, Products, and Orders!

Is support included?

Yes! You receive standard support as a SuiteFlow™ client.  Multiple methods of support are included with SuiteFlow.

QuickTips – turn on “QuickTips” and click an item for an explanation of it’s function.

Movies – built-in movies are available throughout to teach your users how to do specific tasks.

SuiteHelp – the SuiteHelp user-guide is available from every screen.

User Forum – the SuiteFlow™ user forum allows user’s to share their SuiteFlow™ expertise with one another. Our support staff also monitors the user forum to offer assistance.

SuiteFlow HelpDesk – our support staff is available for one-on-one assitance.

Where installation is concerned, the SuiteFlow™ HelpDesk and your SuiteFlow Associate will have you up and running within a matter of hours!

Truthfully ... how long will it take to get SuiteFlow™ up and running?

We have a well-thought-out and time-tested implementation plan to get you up and running.

To use SuiteFlow™’s Activity Management …

Initial settings – what SuiteFlow™ modules do you want to use? (20 minutes)

Setup your users (15 minutes per user)

Import your Contacts (People) into SuiteFlow using the Import People tool, or enter them manually. (30-90 minutes)

Watch a few tutorial movies (30 minutes), and …

That’s it!

To use SuiteFlow™’s Proposal/Order Management

Enter your Products (manually or import)

Watch a few tutorial movies, and …

That’s it!

Can we limit the information a user sees?

Yes. You can define as many “User Access Sets” as you desire. A User Access Set allows you specify privileges and access for all users in that set. Privacy can be defined down to the field level.

How much does SuiteFlow™ cost?

The price of SuiteFlow™ can vary slightly depending upon several factors: we-serve vs. you-serve, initial setup requirements, and import assistance. The price is far less that our perceived competitors. Please contact us today for a demo and a quote.


Can you provide client references?

Yes! We’re happy to let you speak with our existing clients!

I have special database needs. Can SuiteFlow™ be customized?

First…the answer is “yes”.

Second…SuiteFlow™ was designed with what we called the “95/95” rule. Our development goal was, “95% of all S2M businesses who approach us should be able to use SuiteFlow™ to manage 95% of their needs”. We more than achieved that goal! You’ll be amazed at how using the SuiteFlow modules and preference settings makes SuiteFlow™ seem like it was designed just for you … no kidding!

Third…For those rare occasions when you want a feature that’s not there, SuiteFlow™ can be modified to give you exactly what you need.

Will I outgrow SuiteFlow™?

There is no limitation to the amount of data you can store in your SuiteFlow™ system.

SuiteFlow™ is designed to work beautifully with 1–250 concurrent users. If you have more users that 250, we’re probably not the right solution for you …

How many users can SuiteFlow™ support?

SuiteFlow™ can be run for 1 to 250 users.

How can SuiteFlow help with production and work flow?

SuiteFlow™ offers MANY management features. For production, the Phases feature is probably the most beneficial.

Think of Phases like stages of a project; they put the work“Flow” into SuiteFlow.

In essence, Phases allow you to take any project or production and divide up the work required between Users.

Phases can be linked to a Topic, a Product, an Order, or a Group. Phases can be defined in any way you desire. Each Phase can be assigned to a User or a team of Users. When a User completes a Phase they check the Phase as “completed” (by clicking the completed button). Phases are ranked numerically in order of necessity; therefore, when a Phase completed subsequent Phase(s) are “activated”. When a Phases is “active” it will appear on the assigned User’s (or Users) Home screen as needing to be completed. Topic Phases as pre or post Order; sales or service. Order Phases are used to manage production. Group Phases are used to walk groups of People through a series of events. If a your needs include an involved sales workflow, a production workflow, and a service/support workflow it would be logical to utilize Phases to manage all three workflows.

Phases can be edited as you go. For example: if you link Phases to a Topic and later discover you need to add a Phase; simply add it, give it a rank, assign it to a User(s) and that quickly you’ve changed the work flow.

Phases can be linked to a Productso when the Product is sold, standard production Phases can be followed.

Activity can be linked to a Phase. Therefore, as work is performed within a Phase it can be tracked through the Activity logged. If the Activity Timer feature is utilized SuiteFlow can report exactly how much time is being spent in each Phase.

Does SuiteFlow offer Project Management tools?

SuiteFlow™ manages projects through the use of our unique “Topics” feature, Users can link any number of items together for one seamless presentation of information. All of the People critical to the project can be added as “Parties” allowing for quick communication with key players. Tasks can be assigned to Users or User Teams through the use of  “Phases” – this equates to a project  “Work Flow”. Unlimited Activity & Follow Ups, Proposals, Orders, Invoices, Time & Expense Tracking, Documents can be created and viewed from the Topic.

Can SuiteFlow™ be used as a Point-of-Sale system?

Yes. SuiteFlow™ has a state-of-the-art order entry system that includes a full set of POS (point-of-sale) features.

How does SuiteFlow manage a Person versus a Company?

SuiteFlow accommodates both business-to-business and business-to-person needs. However … “Everything begins with the Person.”

An Organization is simply a grouping of People. An Organization MUST have a Person linked; therefore, to create an Organization, first create a Person. Then create the Organization from the new Person screen. If you don’t have an actual Person to enter, no problem, enter the

Person as “Sales” or “Receptionist” (etc.) in the Last Name field. A Person can be entered as an “individual” (not linked to an Organization) or linked to an Organization. A Person record can only be linked to a single Organization.

Here’s the SuiteFlow logic … a Person entry allows you to track your relationship with that Person. If the Person is linked to an Organization, then you’re probably tracking your relationship with that Person based upon their role within the Organization (the Title field). For example, if John Smith is the sales manager for ABC, Inc., then the Activity you create when dealing with John is related to his role as the sales manager. If John leaves ABC, Inc. and is replaced by Judy Jones, don’t create a new record for Judy Jones. Instead replace John Smith’s name with “Judy Jones” in the sales manager (Title field) Person record. All the Activity you created with John will still have his name displayed. All new Activity will have Judy’s name displayed.

If Judy Jones works with another Organization with whom you interact, create another Person record for Judy with that other Organization. Yes, Judy will be listed twice, but only because you have multiple relationships with her.

If a Person is linked to an Organization, then all Orders placed by that Person will be linked to the Ledger of the Organization and no Ledger will be maintained for the Person. An “Individual” Person has their own Ledger.

Can SuiteFlow™ help me with mass email?


SuiteFlow allows mass email to be sent from the People dataset. Once you’ve found the desired set of People, SuiteFlow will loop through the list of People and send a personalized email to each Person in the list. Merge labels are fully supported to make each email personalized.

Rich text and HTML is supported in this feature. It is best to first create a Text Block of the email you desire to send. Then select the Text Block from the Mass Email screen.

The “Groups” feature helps you manage the lists of People you want mass email.

Can SuiteFlow™ be used to manage Marketing?

SuiteFlow™ has powerful features for marketing. We’ll mention just a few here . . .

  • Person fields dedicated for marketing use. The Person dataset has 20 fields which your marketing staff can customize to track whatever information they desire (at the Person level).


  • Groups of People. The Groups module allows you to link a Person to an unlimited number of Groups. Any type of list can be maintained using a Group. From a Group a User can click the List icon and arrive at the People list with only the People in that Group displayed. The User can then select “Mass Email These People” to send any message to all the Group participants.

A Group can also have Phases attached. This allows the Group to be walked through a series of scheduled tasks/milestones.

  • The Topics module provides excellent management of Marketing projects. Users can link any number of items together for one seamless presentation of information. All of the People critical to the marketing process can be added as “Parties” allowing for quick communication with key players. Tasks can be assigned to Users or User Teams as “Phases” – this equates to a marketing workflow. Unlimited Activity & Follow Ups, Proposals, Orders, Invoices, Time & Expense Tracking, Documents can be created and viewed from the Topic.

How does SuiteFlow™ manage sales tax?

SuiteFlow breaks down sales tax into reportable municipalities. Up to 7 positions are available. Clicking the “Detail” button will open a window which displays the sales tax rates for this Order.

SuiteFlow Software, Inc. maintains the sales tax rates for the entire USA based upon Zip Code as a courtesy to our clients. We update our sales tax tables once per month. There are a few states which do NOT calculate sales tax based upon zip code, but instead based upon street address (for example; Texas). In these states our sales tax calculations will have approximately a .01% inaccuracy. We provide a mechanism which will send you to that state’s website sales tax calculation tool, if you so desire (and the state provides one).

Sales tax is calculated based upon the following criteria:

  1. Where is the customer receiving their Order; at their location or at your location?


  1. Do you pay sales tax at that location?

Each User has “Sales Tax Defaults” on their User Settings screen. If SuiteFlow determines that the customer is receiving their Order at the User’s location, then the User’s Sales Tax Defaults are used to calculate the sales tax.

If the Order is being shipped to the customer, then SuiteFlow determines if sales tax is due based upon the State Settings for the “Ship To” state. These settings are found in the “Master Settings” in the “Order” tab. If the tax setting for the state is set to “Y”, then the Ship-To zip code is used to calculate sales tax.

The Sales Tax settings for the Order can be viewed/edited on the “Shipping & Sales Tax” tab. When the Order is invoiced these sales tax settings are adopted by the Invoice.

Sales Tax reports are available from the Invoice dataset.

Can I use SuiteFlow™ on my iPhone or iPad?

Yes. The full version of SuiteFlow is available for iPad. The interface for the iPhone is limited to specific datasets due to screen size.