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This business analysis form is designed to accomplish two things: let us at SuiteFlow understand your needs and also get you thinking about parts of SuiteFlow of which you may have been unaware.

The form is divided into 2 parts. The first set of questions determine which areas of SuiteFlow could help your business. The second set of questions focuses on the product/service you provide.

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    Business Analysis

    All questions require an answer ... we appreciate your time!

    1. Do you sell business to business? YesNo
    2. Do you sell business to person? YesNo
    3. Do you have a sales force? YesNo
    4. Do you handle customer service? YesNo
    5. Does your average sales cycle require more than 2 interactions?
    How many?
    6. Do you manage or market to groups of people? YesNo
    Approximately how many people in the largest group?
    How many?
    7. Do you have varying sets of Questions or information which you gather from individuals? YesNo
    8. Do you need to manage billing? YesNo
    9. Do you offer support contracts? YesNo
    10. Do you need a “to do” list that functions at a company level (available to all users in your company)? YesNo
    11. Do you create or manage multiple “Word”, “Excel”, Sound, or Graphic documents or files? YesNo
    12. Do you send proposals to your prospects? YesNo
    13. Do you enter actual orders for products and/or services?
    14. Do you send invoices to your customers? YesNo
    15. Do you send statements to your customers? YesNo
    16. Do you use repetitive content in emails, letters, proposals, or faxes? YesNo
    17. Do you purchase any portion of products you sell from suppliers? YesNo
    18. Do you bill for your time? YesNo
    19. Do you track inventory quantities? YesNo
    20. Do you offer commissions? YesNo If so, how many levels?
    21. Do you sell your products/services from your website? YesNo If not, would you like to? YesNo
    22. Do you collect sales tax? YesNo

    Product Information

    Following is a list of questions which will help you determine which features of SuiteFlow’s Product Management you need to implement.

    1. Are any of your products tangible items which need to be delivered / shipped /picked up by your customer? YesNo
    2. Do you have any product for which you need to track quantities?
    3. Do you create or manufacture a product which has 2 or more stages of production? YesNo
    4. Do you need to configure any product you sell on a per-customer-basis? YesNo
    5. Do you group individual products so they may be sold as a single product? YesNo
    6. Do you have any product for which you need to set automated reorder point quantities? YesNo
    7. Do you sell products which are “spin-offs” or accessories to other products you sell? YesNo
    8. Do you need to track various pricing agreements for the products you sell? YesNo
    9. Do you have walk-in customers? YesNo
    10. Do you sell a product which requires special detail to be gathered when the order is placed? YesNo

    Further Comments